Crates- Making your sneaker wall dream come true, one crate at a time.

Crates- Making your sneaker wall dream come true, one crate at a time.

Stack ‘em Crates!

This magic product is Sneakare Fam’s favorite.

You don’t just get to store your sneakers spaciously, but also flex them!


Gone are the days of using cardboard boxes to store your feet’s best friend. They too need a storage that screams ‘SNEAKERHEAD’ from a distance! It’s high time you elevate your sneaker game by organizing your sneaker collection in ‘Stack ‘em crates’ and not only be the wise one to save your room space but also show your kicks off. 

About the product

Sneakare shoe storing boxes are made up of heavy-duty stackable side drop crates. These crates are built to last and hold up to 80 Kg of weight, which means that they can be stacked up according to your needs and requirements. You can build a sneaker wall of your desired design or stack em up in a vertical order/ Now the dream of having your personalized sneaker wall is fulfilled. Pick your go-to color and paint your wall, the sneakerhead way! 

Time to unleash the CRATES!!

Unboxing and assembling the crates has to be the best part about getting your order of crates delivered! Come, let’s dive into the process and get your sneaker wall up and shining. 

The packaging contains Top Panel X1, Side Panel X2, Bottom Panel X1, Back Panel X1, and Front Door X1.

These crates offer aesthetics up to the mark, along with easy stackable ability.

The strong magnet for perfect closure enables durability whereas the 5 sided UV-protected panels make sure nothing harms your sneakers and they’re protected at all times. 

The crates are best suited for sneakers up to size UK 14 and can easily contain oversized sneakers.

The dimensions of a single crate are - L 36CM x B 28CM x H 22CM

Getting through the process

-Unbox all the panels and keep them handy for your ease and comfort while assembling.

-Join the two side panels with a back panel by joining their corners. Make sure you have clipped them properly. 

-Now insert the base (the bottom panel) from below to the crate.

-Add the top panel to the crate and clip it well.

-Add the final aesthetic to the crate by attaching the door to the body.

-Stack your crates one over the other and decorate your wall ‘sneakerhead’ style.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a UK-11. Can the crates fit my shoe size?
  • Yes. The crates can fit up to size UK 14 and can perfectly store oversized sneakers as well. 

  • They indeed look aesthetically pleasing, are they sturdy enough?
  • They can easily hold up to 80 KG of weight. These crates are heavy-duty and stackable. 

  • Is the installation process easy or would require someone’s assistance?
  • The installation process is quite easy, you just have to follow a simple 6-step process. We have provided the installation process in the blog above as well as on the primary packaging of the crate.