Wipes- Swipe left the debris off your kicks with Sneakare Wipes!!

Wipes- Swipe left the debris off your kicks with Sneakare Wipes!!


For every sneaker problem, there's a ‘Sneakare’ solution!

Here’s a quick guide to getting rid of dirt and stains using our sneaker savior product- shoe cleaning wipes.

Sneakers aren’t just footwear now, they are ‘emotions’! And just like that, sneaker care isn’t just some shoe care, but a ‘lifestyle’. Imagine being at a party and spilling food all over your sneakers. Just imagining it hurts, doesn’t it? 

Hang on, there’s nothing to worry about anymore. Sneakare has come up with an easy solution to clean your shoes anywhere, with a finger’s click. 

Below is a quick guide to get a gist of how to use wipes and keep your 

The sneakare shoe cleaning wipes are double sided-comprising of a rough side and a plain side. Both sides serve different purposes, making the cleaning process easier and more handy altogether. The rough side is supposed to clean all the stains and dirt that have been piled up on the top surface of the sneaker. While the plain side is used to gently wipe off after cleaning with the/using the rough side and provide end touch-ups to the sneaker. 

- Pull out the wipes from the packet and use the rough side to clean the stains and dust.

-Once you’re done cleaning the stains, use the plain side gently for an overall clean-up of your shoe.

-Your kicks are ready to hit the road! 

Sneakare shoe cleaning wipes can be used to get rid of the dirt and debris of your favorite sneaker!

These wipes work best on- Leather, Outsole, Eva foam, Mid sole, and Nylon.

-Sneakare shoe cleaning wipes are handy and can be taken anywhere and everywhere to suit your ease and comfort.

-Provides instant shoe cleaning in 30 seconds.

-These wipes are specifically designed to rub off the stains in the areas of the shoes that are hard to reach.

-They are built to clean your shoes quickly, making the process hassle-free.

-These wipes won’t burn a hole in your pocket. They’re easy on your pockets and on your kicks!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do these wipes have two different sides?
  • Sneakare shoe cleaning wipes are double-sided- a plain side and a rough side. The rough side tends to clean the stains and any sort of dust that’s piled up on the surface of the shoe. The plain side gently wipes off and gives end touch-ups to the shoe.

  • Aren’t tissues and wipes the same?
  • Tissues are dry and are used to soak the liquid, whereas, the wipes are already soaked in shoe cleaning liquid which therefore helps to easily wipe off the everyday dust and dirt off your kicks. 

  • What are the different buying options available?
  • There are three packaging options available to suit your requirement. A packaging of 24 wipes, 48 wipes, and 100 wipes is available for you to buy according to your needs.