Shoe Laundry Kit | Shoe Cleaning Laundry System
Shoe Laundry Kit | Shoe Cleaning Laundry System
Shoe Laundry Kit | Shoe Cleaning Laundry System
Shoe Laundry Kit | Shoe Cleaning Laundry System
Shoe Laundry Kit | Shoe Cleaning Laundry System

Shoe Laundry Kit | Shoe Cleaning Laundry System

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Frustrated/Fed up with dirt getting stuck inside the upper layer of your sneakers??

Our laundry kit offers an overall solution to keep your beloved pairs fresh inside out. The kit comprises Laundry bag and Laundry pods which serve different purposes. 

Our Shoe Cleaning Laundry Bag is made up of the finest quality mesh, which allows you to clean your sneakers in the washing machine with utmost convenience without the worry of getting them damaged.

Our Shoe Cleaning Laundry Pod is a quick-dissolving structure that is filled with an eco-friendly formula crafted specifically to clean and condition all the dirt and debris from the sneakers alongside removing the locked-in odor. 

Why choose Laundry Kit?

  • Cleans the dirt stuck under the upper material. 
  • Best for deep cleaning.
  • Easy washing technique.
  • Complete shoe protection.
2 x Laundry Bags ( Size Up To UK12)
12 x Laundry Pods
Q. How is a laundry kit different from a shoe cleaning kit?
Ans. Shoe care kits easily clean the dirt and marks which are there on the surface of the shoes. But what about the inside? Then comes our range of laundry kits that can clean your shoes from the inside with proper technology. This is highly suitable for absorbent, materials like Yeezys, Onitsuka, Canvas, Cotton, Prime-Knit, Fly-Knit and many more.

Q. Can we use regular detergent instead of laundry pods?
Ans. Our Shoe Laundry Pods are free of all harsh chemicals & dyes, they will never damage your precious shoes.

Q. What if we put our shoes in the dryer? Will it cause any damage?
Ans.We never suggest you put your shoes in the hot dryer. The temperature of the dryer can not only damage the shoe but can also separate the sole. We prefer drying the shoe at a normal temperature in a well-ventilated area under a fan. This may take a long time but the shoes will be safe for sure.

Q. What settings should I use to wash my shoes in the washing machine?
Ans. You should always use cold water with a normal/daily cycle for laundry washing, hot water can cause serious damage to the shoe.

Q. Can you explain the brief process of laundry washing?
Ans. Clean the shoe with your shoe cleaning kit and make sure that you clean the surface thoroughly from the top, midsole and bottom. Remove the laces of the shoes and insert the shoe in the bag. There are 2 bags in a box, so each bag will carry one shoe. Open the pocket of the bag and insert dirty laces and the laundry pod. Let the washing machine do its part on daily wash settings. Once the machine’s task is complete, make sure to dry the shoe in a well-ventilated area for a few hours.

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Angad Deosthale

Shoe Laundry Kit | Shoe Cleaning Laundry System

Hello Angad,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Shoe Laundry Kit. We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying our Shoe Cleaning Laundry System.

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