Complete Kit- Love your kicks? Make'em last longer

Complete Kit- Love your kicks? Make'em last longer

Want your shoes to last longer? Here’s a guide to keeping them new and bright even after wearing them for years. 

Sneakare’s complete shoe-cleaning kit comprises everything needed to rub off every particle of dust and debris from your feet’s best friend!

Presenting the sneaker world's game-changer, the’ complete shoe cleaning kit’. This kit has packaged all the vitalities to clean your shoe from the core! It includes components that work on a wide variety of shoes and is appropriate for the overall cleaning of your kicks. The kit has three kinds of brushes and comes in a premium kit box to maintain your style and also store the products comfortably.

About the product

The complete kit brings you three brushes that serve three different purposes. Use the soft brush to clean the upper surface of your shoe and keep it debris free. 

The medium brush is supposed to clean the midsole of your shoe whereas the stiff brush cleans the outsole of the shoe. 

These brushes and their bristles are true to their use and are technically built to clean the given parts of the shoe. 

*Drum Rolls* Time to unbox the Complete Shoe Cleaning Kit!

Unpacking your new Sneakare order is always a fun experience! Especially when the package comes with everything that will keep your kicks happy.

The complete shoe-cleaning kit comes in an imperial bag to suit your style and aesthetics.

Inside are all the magical products that will keep your kicks fresh and going!

Commencing with three different kinds of brushes (stiff brush, soft brush, and medium brush) made to suit your kick’s situation and material. These brushes tend to clean every sort of dirt and debris from your shoes without damaging the quality or leaving behind any stains. 

The shoe cleaner is the magic potion that saves and seizes the day for your favorite pair! It makes your kicks look new as ever. 

The microfiber towel helps in gently wiping the shoe after cleaning to give it an overall neat look. 

This kit is everything you need to get your kicks go dancing and jamming.

A quick guide to using the complete shoe cleaning kit

Follow the simple 6-step guide and make your kicks happy as a child!

Take a bowl with 50-100 ml of water and apply 2-3 pumps of the cleaner from the complete shoe cleaning kit to make a light foamy solution.

Soak the brush in the bowl and clean the upper surface of your shoe with the bristle part of the brush. 

Take the medium bristle brush and clean the midsoles of your shoe with it. 

Our stiff bristle brush is appropriate to clean the outsole and does all the work effortlessly. 

Lastly, use the wipes to clean your shoe and let them dry. Tada! Your kicks are new all over again!