Travel kit- Adventure or clean kicks? Let's choose both!

Travel kit- Adventure or clean kicks? Let's choose both!

This is what hassle-free travel with your kicks looks like!

With Sneakare’s travel shoe cleaning kit, get an all-in-one cleaning essential in easy-to-carry packaging. 

Here at Sneakare, we value your love for your kicks and try to maintain the same with ease & style. The aesthetically stylish packaging of the travel kit makes sure you look your best and is appropriately travel-sized as well. 


What’s Inside?

Unbox your kick’s travel buddy!

With all the essentials packed in one place for your adventurous soul, there’s nothing to worry about. Sneakare has got your back! Step in puddles and jump all you want, your kicks will stay  happy and will be ready to hit the road all over again. 

The best gift for a Sneakerhead who has a knack for adventure!

Bringing together all the vitalities to clean your shoes and keep them fresh ‘n’ up amidst adventure, with Sneakare’s Travel shoe cleaning kit. 

For someone who is cuckoo for traveling and has sneakers on their mind 24*7, this kit is a literal savior for them. What better gift for someone like this?

Why choose Sneakare Travel Kit? 

Comes with a premium travel bag. Travel with style!

The Travel Kit comes in handy and is extremely easy to carry. The small travel-sized bag tends to contain everything that your kick needs on a trip!

Pester-free cleaning, with a finger’s click!

These 4 easy steps are enough to give a brand-new look to your shoes, even when they have been dragged outdoors for hours! This magic solution tends to clean up to 50 pairs so pick all your favorite pairs this time when you travel and don’t save them for a safer environment. 

Makes you forget your shoe was even ever dirty!

The travel kit contains an immensely impactful cleaner that works wonders on sneakers and makes them bright and shining. All the dust and debris get removed without much effort. Plus, the peach fragrance makes you forget that your kicks were even ever dirty!

Works best on almost all materials

The items in the kit are best suited for almost all shoe materials and won’t damage your kicks in any way. 

Sneakerheads understand how much it hurts to see their kicks go all muddy and dusty. Well, there’s one less thing to worry about your sneakers now! Go hike all the miles you want, Sneakare is there for your rescue.