Stack'Em Sneaker Crates | Shoe Crates (Side Drop)

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Our Stack'Em Sneaker Crates are designed to store & organize your sneaker collection. These crates are an easy and stylish storage solution for your sneakers. You can stack them up one above the other for an aesthetically pleasing look. Our side drop crates are key to flexing your sneakers the sneakerhead way.  

 Why choose Sneakare Stack ‘em Crates?

  • Heavy Duty Stackable Side Drop Crates With Easy Stackable Ability
  • Weight Holding Capacity is 80KG (Tested)
  • Easy Installation
  • Strong Magnets for Perfect Closure
  • 5 Sided UV Protection Panels
  • Crystal Clear Front Shield
  • Suitable for Over-Size Sneakers
  • Fits Up To UK14
  • Dimensions - L 36CM x B 28CM x H 22CM
- 1 x Top Panel
- 2 X Side Panel
- 1 x Bottom Panel
- 1 x Back Panel
- 1 x Front Door

Q1. Do we need to assemble the crates?

A: Yes, the product comes in compact packaging which includes 6 panels. You need to attach all the panels by carefully following the instructions. Installating a single crates takes 15-20 seconds

Q2. How many crates can we stack on top of each other?

A: Its super simple, the higher the better. You can easily stack up to 25 crates on top of each other.

Q3. Whats the maximum shoe size the crates can hold?

A: Stack’Em Sneaker Crates can easily hold up to UK14 in case of normal shoes and UK 13 in case of high ankle shoes.

Q4. Are Stack’Em Crates Durable?

A: The Stack’Em Sneaker Crates are made from the most premium grade of polymer. They are heavy duty and super sturdy. A person weight 80 Kgs (Tested) can easily stand on them.

Q5. Can dust enter the crates?

A: No way !! The Stack’Em Sneaker Crates gets clipped from every side and there is no space for the dust to enter.

Q6. Whats the difference between Side Drop & Front Drop Crates?

A: The best part is that both the crates are made of Premium Grade Polymer. The only difference is cost and the integration. You can even stack the front drops on side drops and vice versa.

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Customer Reviews

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Thanks for the feedback and support

Rohan Bhatt
Loved it

Issue with reassembling. I mistakenly locked the front door in wron direction. While trying to unhook the front door it broke.

Dhruv Ramesh
Product is good but not the delivery

The sneaker crates are of good quality and are quite easy to assemble but it took over a month to get delivered which ruined the experience for me

Aryan Gupta

Stack'Em Sneaker Crates | Shoe Crates (Side Drop)

Thanks for the feedback.

Abhijit Bhodramoni
Good, must buy

Good crate, easy to build. Bit shaky on the door latch on. Doesnt fit all the way but overall very good aesthetic

Thank you so much for the positive feedback and kind support.

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